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Top 10 Reasons To Take an Aronia Berry Supplement

Supplements can be an important factor in improving your health. However, not all supplements are versatile enough to provide health benefits for all round health. Not only are we concerned with blood sugar balance, but there are many other factors which affect our health as well. But, problems with blood sugar balance, can cause a range of health problems. Aronia berries have long been used to treat a range of disorders which can all be associated with healthy blood glucose levels. The only problem is that you would have to eat a lot of Aronia berries to achieve any health benefits. It would be better to take a daily concentrated Aronia berry supplement instead.

Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure With Aronia

Not only do Aronia berries help to support healthy glucose levels, but it can also help to maintain a healthy blood pressure. If you suspect that you are suffering from sugar overload, it is not only your blood sugar levels which can be affected. Depending on the rest of your health, you will find that too much sugar can raise your blood pressure rapidly, and even increase your heart beat. We know a high sugar intake can effect the heart, so being able to balance your blood sugar levels, will help to promote a healthy blood pressure.

When you have a healthy blood pressure, you can further help your body to maintain healthy glucose levels. Conditions such as diabetes and pre-diabetes are more common when you suffer from high blood pressure. You need to watch your diet, but a natural supplement with Aronia berries would certainly improve your changes of achieving a healthy blood pressure and avoiding diabetes or helping to control diabetes if you already suffer from the condition.

Support Healthy Glucose Levels With Aronia Berries

We are far too exposed to sugar these days, and to manage our blood glucose levels is becoming increasingly difficult. When you read a food packaging nutritional label, you may think the product you are about to buy is perfectly fine. But, sugar has many different names today, and it is important to remember to watch out for them. Food manufacturers like to fool us into thinking that adding honey, agave or syrup, to food is perfectly fine. It may not be refined sugar, but they are all sugars which can affect your blood glucose levels.

Do we always read the label on the yogurt we are about to buy? The truth is that we don’t, and this is one of the reasons we should learn how to protect ourselves against sugar. Taking a supplement containing Aronia berries will certainly help.  The humble Aronia berry is one of the richest natural sources of the micro mineral chromium which helps to maintain a healthy blood sugar balance.

Aronia Helps to Strengthen Cardiovascular Function

We have all heard of resveratrol and may be familiar with its health benefits. Red wine is a natural source of resveratrol, and you should have your daily glass of red wine. But, do you know that many berries are richer in resveratrol than grapes? It is all down to water content. Grapes have a high water content, but most berries such as Aronia, have a low water content. The darker a berry is, the higher the content of resveratrol within the berry.

Aronia, or Choke berries, are jet black and are packed with resveratrol. Once again, you may need to eat a lot of them to benefit from the health properties in the berries, but concentrated in supplement form, the Aronia berry can help to protect your heart by maintaining healthy heart tissue, and improve the muscle function of the heart.

Promote Healthy Metabolism with Aronia Berries

Metabolism is the chemical progress our bodies use to maintain life. The better our metabolism functions, the healthier we  are and our bodies will function more efficiently to fight of any diseases. It is very much a new field of science, and we are learning more everyday. But, it seems that nature is one of the best ways for us to help to improve our metabolism.

Fruits and berries play an important part of this process.  In general it has been found that the smaller the berry, the more micro minerals it will contain. The science is relatively simple. It will take longer for a small berry to start to deteriorate than an apple. It is down to the fact that the berry has through its active life time produced many more micro minerals than the fruit. Our bodies cannot produce micro minerals, so in order to stay healthy, we need to eat them, and digest them. They help to protect our DNA, and make sure our cells replicate in a healthy way. As a matter of fact, we get more energy from eating berries than eating fruit.

How To Reduce Inflammation – Take Aronia

Inflammation is what causes almost all disease, and if you can keep it down to a minimum, you will lead a much more active life. Common health conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism are less likely to affect you. Once again, the resveratrol in the Aronia berry will help you.

The more we learn about resveratrol, the more exciting it becomes. The daily bottle of wine drunk in most Mediterranean countries, is probably the main health contributor to the lower rates of inflammation you see in these countries. However, if you are working, or have an active lifestyle which requires you to drive or operate machinery, the daily bottle of red wine is out of the question. To reduce inflammation in your arteries and joints, it is likely a daily supplement of Aronia berry may be just as effective.

Rates of diabetes are lower in Mediterranean countries as well. Why? Resveratrol supports better liver function, and it is in the liver, hormones are metabolised. Take a supplement of Aronia berries, and you fill that your digestive issues are lowered, and your blood sugar level is balanced. After all, insulin is a hormone, and we often forget that.

Balance Cholesterol Levels

If you can achieve better liver function, and improved cardiovascular health, you will also be able to achieve better cholesterol. Once again, cholesterol is balanced in the liver, and this is what the drug statin relies on. However, it is important to have healthy arteries and the only way we can do that is to reduce fat intake AND reduce the inflammation our bodies experience. It is not that easy to achieve it all of the time, and you do not need a bit of support to do so. Taking a daily Aronia berry supplement before you start your day, could be the perfect solution.

Reduce the Effects of Neuropathy With Aronia

Neuropathy is a health condition of the nervous system, and often effects people with diabetes or pre-diabetes. It can be experienced as unexplained or tension in a particular part of the body, and it can also make you feel cold, when your body temperature is perfectly normal.  Excess sugar, or glucose, in the bloodstream does not only cause havoc with our arteries and muscles, inflicting conditions such as cramps, it can also cause problem with nerves.  Your nerves are just as likely to become inflamed as your arteries and joints, and you could even find yourself popping over the encounter NSAID’s to help you to deal with unexplained pains. This is nerve pain, and can be difficult to diagnose.

Although there are any different forms of neuropathy, the one you are most likely to experience is the one caused by what many doctors have started to call “sugar inflammation”. Reducing your sugar intake will help, but so will balancing your blood glucose levels with a supplement like Organic Aronia Berry.

What Is An Antimicrobial Agent And Is Aronia One?

An antimicrobial agent, is a substance which will stop and reduce the harmful micro organisms in our environment which can cause disease such as fungi and bacteria. The more we learn about them, the more interesting they become. Even conventional medicine are now using more natural antimicrobial treatments than ever before.

Can Aronia berries help you to control common health problems such as thrush and UTI’s? They most certainly can, and it is the antimicrobial compounds in the Aronia berry which can help? If you suffer from frequent attacks of thrush, you will find both balancing your blood glucose level as well as controlling the trush infection which can be triggered by sugar overload. Candida, thrush, is a yeast but still a single cell organism, which responds to antimicrobial agents found in berries.

How Can Aronia Aid Digestion?

The way Aronia aids digestion is very simple. Berries are real power houses of all types of vitamins, and micro minerals. They produce a vast quantity of natural compounds for such a small fruit of a plant. In order to do that, they need to be very efficient and produce digestive enzymes. The digestive enzymes in dark berries, are more powerful than others. When you take a supplement containing concentrated Aronia berries, you will be adding more of those digestive enzymes to your body. It will help your body to absorb the nutrition in the food better, and may even cut down on any digestive issues you may be experiencing.

A high intake of dark berries, such as the Aronia berry, will also support a healthy pancreas. Of course, this is essential when it comes to healthy blood glucose levels, because this is where insulin is produced.

Healthy Bowel Function

All dark berries are packed with anti-oxidants and this can help to make your colon healthier. Some of the the foods that we eat cause problems with inflammation in the gut, and may even cause inflammation of the bowel lining. This can lead to common disorders such as IBS, or everyday constipation. When you reduce inflammation in the bowel, you will also reduce the risk of constipation and other health conditions which can affect the bowel. As a matter of fact, a supplement of Aronia berries may help you if you have recently taken a course of antibiotics.

A Couple of Questions About The Aronia Berry Answered

I have never heard of the Aronia berry before, what are they? You may never have heard of Aronia berries before you read about them today. In fact, they are a very common garden berry also known as Black Chokeberry, and we often just grow them as a run of the mill, or ornamental garden shrub. We buy the shrub because of the lovely looks of the black berries which are produced towards the end of the summer.  The Chokeberry shrub, is a plant which has moved into our gardens from woodland areas where it produces the berries in late August, just in time for wildlife to stock up on the health giving qualities.

Most garden centers selling the Aronia Melanocarpa shrub, are not aware of the health giving properties of the berries. They tell you it will attract birds and wild life to your garden. Yes, it certainly will, and they will enjoy the health benefits of the Aronia berries.

What makes Aronia berries so rich in micro nutrients and anti-oxidants? Unlike blueberries, the Aronia berries grow on a shrub which can reach 8 feet in height. Not only does the bush produce more berries than the average blueberry plant or blackcurrant bush, but they are richer in anti-oxidants, because they grow closer to the sun, or sunshine. The more sun a plant gets, the more likely it is to be rich in health giving properties such as anti-oxidants.

However, before you rush out and buy an Aronia shrub, remember that you have to eat a lot to enjoy the same concentration of resveratrol and other healthy compounds, that you will find in the Aronia supplement. You would have to cover your garden in Aronia shrubs, and spend all you day eating. Also, remember the berries are not produced all year around, and what are you going to do in the winter time?

Investing in an Aronia supplement, may be the most cost effective solution, and the solution that will give you the most health benefits as well.

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